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At the Studio


The Butler Tech Digital Media Program is a college-prep media arts program designed for juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing college majors and future careers in media production. Students explore every aspect of media production, including multimedia design, photography, audio production, video production, broadcasting, digital cinema, and entertainment business. Students will become experienced in all of the latest technology equipment and applications used in the industry today. Students will improve their communication skills, hone their leadership abilities, and develop strategies for working successfully in teams. And most importantly, they will be prepared for a successful transition to many exciting college majors and careers.

Students are taught a variety of techniques, visual awareness of cultures, artists, and art forms. Students will be exposed to media industry jobs, project deadlines, career and college speakers. Students can also earn CTAGs, which are equivalent to college credit in the state of Ohio. The CTAG credit is awarded to students who successfully pass their State of Ohio WebXams. This credit will be applied to their transcript to be shared with their future college/university. Students are also encouraged to pursue industry credentials in the Adobe Creative Suite, sUAS Drone Operation, and TriCaster production equipment. 

Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in the business of arts and communication. Nationwide, BPA has 45,000 members in over 1,800 chapters in 25 states and Puerto Rico. In Ohio, BPA has 8,500 secondary, post-secondary, and middle-level members across 18 regions. And our BPA chapter has over 50 students involved through the Digital Media Program. Being part of BPA will be one of the most rewarding aspects of your production class. Through this involvement, you will build lasting relationships, gain real-life skills, participate in competitive events, develop leadership, connect with business people, and have opportunities to travel to conferences.


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